Tell me a Story — RL exhibition

“Tell me a story” is an installation in Second Life by Meilo Minotaur (Sameiro Oliveira Martins) that calls for the participation of the visitors.

Contrary to what is usual, in which the image helps to illustrate a story, Meilo Minotaur asked Second Life users to tell a story that linked the various scenes of her digital 3D installation.

Users responded with pictures, videos and written stories. We now present you some of that content — the conceptions of a creative public, able to appropriate the work of art as art flow in an age of creative distribution.

You can listen to the stories in the headphones, each story is associated with a color. In the wall you can see several pictures of the virtual installation, threads of color course through the pictures, linking them to the verbal stories.

Everything can be connected, anything can become something else. The illustration can become the illustrated or the other way around.

Everything opens to a new creation.

From May 4th to 28th July at CRUgaleria, Porto, Portugal.




Virtual environments and avatars

Meilo Minotaur




CapCat Ragu

Eila Magnólia

Guerreira Xue

Leo Kobeshimi

TZinnia Karu



Rita Eustáquio


Sound Edition

Luís Eustáquio



Deborah Lombardo

Dodo Ahanu

Eila Magnolia

Georgina Hannay

Kaia Beattie

Kato Salyut

Kate Bergdorf

Loony Perl

Midwinter’s Art

Moon Parker

Olympe Rhode

Tutsy Navarathna


Machinimas (at the opening)

Meilo Minotaur

Serendipity Dyrssen



Tell Me a Story

The Bergdorf Reports

It gives me great pleasure to write here about the new Delicatessen installation, Tell Me a Story, by Meilo Minotaur. The Delicatessen art sim, by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu, will re-open this Saturday, January 13, after having been closed for a while. Tell Me a Story is an interactive installation in the sense that visitors are encouraged to participate by telling their own stories and in doing so connecting various parts of the exhibit. Meilo explains that I ask you to tell me a story that links the various scenes of the installation. The characters of the island have their correspondence in avatars. They do not have names, you can give any name you think fit them. It will not be necessary to use all the characters or scenes, you will use those that you understand. The stories will be told as you please: only with text, text and…

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Delicatessen reopens in Second Life with “Tell me a story”

Delicatessen reopens Saturday, January 13, with a solo project by Meilo Minotaur.

“Whoever tells a tale, adds a point,” it is said in Portugal. In english we could say: whoever tells a tale adds a tail.

“Tell me a story” is an installation that calls for the participation of the visitors.

Contrary to what is usual, in which the image helps to illustrate the story, I ask you to tell me a story that links the various scenes of the installation.

The characters of the island have their correspondence in avatars. They do not have names, you can give any name you think fit them. It will not be necessary to use all the characters or scenes, you will use those that you understand.

The stories will be told as you please: only with text, text and image, video or whatever you want.

If you want you can give them an ending or leave them in suspense. If necessary I will add a final scene to the installation.

I can choose only one story or several, this part is still open. I still do not know yet how they will be presented, depending on what you do.

I’m waiting for you.

Thank you

the plant

The Bergdorf Reports

There is a new installation, The Plant, spearheaded by Eupalinos Ugajin, that opens on November 1. The exact opening time is still to be determined. This is a remarkable project for several reasons. One, Eupa only rarely puts together projects like this and every time it happens, we know we are in for a treat. Further, the group of artists participating are a fantastic mix of talented creators, some of whos’ work we have not seen in a very, very long time. The artists, in no particular order, are Penumbra Carter, Dekka Raymaker, Suzanne Graves, Haveit Neox, Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado, Art Oluja, Igor Ballyhoo, Meilo Minotaur, CapCat Ragu, Moewe Winkler and Artistide Despres. This multi-level work addresses technology and its impact on humanity on earth. Upon arrival one finds oneself on a platform, surrounded by posters with information as well as quotes (see below). Please read…

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The Dreamers

Because violence will not take away our ability to dream!


When we were just beginning to create this project, the events of Charlottesville happened.

Our hearts stopped.

We cannot do this – we thought – we must alert to the political situation we live in! The danger of tyranny. The danger of environmental disaster. The danger of xenophobia, sexism, homophobia. The danger of hate!

But then we stopped.

From within us came this beach, this horizon. This sea, this lake, these white clouds grew.

No! We will not give up on The Dreamers. We will not give up on beauty. They will not steal the beauty of the world. They will not steal tenderness. They will not steal the life we have left.

And so, our beach is our resistance!


Other Credits

Poses: Poses for Pose and Poetry, and Del May
Seagulls: Masca Magic
Cats and Birds: Hannah Koslowski
Dog: Neon Frog Studios
Clouds: Bleem’s Textures
Iluminated Floating White stars: The Heart Garden Center
Clock chains: XOPH


Ernst Haeckel
Mikael Häggström
William Cho
SF Textures

AVATAR, Myself Other

“Catarina Carneiro de Sousa assina a fotografia virtual que CapCat Ragu incorpora em ambientes virtuais colaborativos, como o Second Life. Ao longo do tempo, o seu avatar muta, transforma-se, difere, adquirindo vários aspectos; encontra outros avatares com potencialidades expressivas que a inspiram no pensamento desse corpo outro, desse corpo virtual.” Rossana Mendes Fonseca, curadora da CRU Galeria

Esta inédita exposição inaugura este sábado, 23 de Setembro, na CRU Galeria, sendo apenas nesse dia complementada por instalação de vídeo.
Entre as 16h e as 20h, na Rua do Rosário, 211, Porto.

“Catarina Carneiro de Sousa signs the virtual photograph CapCat Ragu embodies in collaborative virtual environments, such as Second Life. Throughout time, her avatar mutates, transforms, differs, acquiring various aspects, finds other avatars with expressive potentialities that inspire it in the thought of that Other body, of that virtual body. ” Rossana Mendes Fonseca, curator of CRU Gallery

This exhibition opens this Saturday, September 23, at the CRU Gallery, being only that day complemented by video installation.
Between 4 pm and 8 pm, at Rua do Rosário, 211, Porto.

Facebook event.



Vivemos num mundo em que as nossas visões do futuro se dividem entre ideais utópicos de sociedades tecnologicamente avançadas, onde a vida se vê progressivamente melhorada. E pesadelos distópicos onde a tecnologia serve novos poderes autoritários.
Este ano, os alunos do Virtual Art Lab da Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Viseu propõe nove avatares e oito instalações virtuais interligadas, entre sonhos e pesadelos.

We live in a world where our visions of the future are divided between utopian ideals of technologically advanced societies, where life is progressively improved. And dystopic nightmares where technology serves new authoritarian powers.
This year, the students of the Virtual Art Lab of the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu propose nine avatars and eight virtual installations interconnected, between dreams and nightmares.

Design de ambientes virtuais/ Virtual Environments Design:
Io – Inês Oliveira
Forget – Sara Pais
Martha – Marta Silva

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one family and art

The Bergdorf Reports

Having an art sim I am fortunate enough to get to know the people who exhibit their work there. Everybody has a story and for a short moment we become part of each others’ stories. Some of the stories linger, or come to an end, others keep evolving. As of late, I find myself becoming a small part of a story so rich and meaningful that I want to share a part of it here. This is the story of a Portuguese family consisting of Meilo Minotaur, CapCat Ragu, Takio Ra and Rita Eustáquio. Meilo, in the middle in photo above, is the mother of CapCat, left in the photo. CapCat and Takio (right in the photo) are married and have a daughter, Rita. Rita does not yet have an avatar, and is not depicted above, but rumor has it that she is thinking about creating one soon. Meilo…

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The Swamp

The Swamp opening

The Swamp is a metaphor for fascism, from the point of view of Meilo Minotaur’s actual experience of fascism in Portugal, the Carnation Revolution, and the actual lived experience of CapCat Ragu from post-revolutionary Portugal.
At a time when the crisis is trying to push us back into obscurantism is the moment to resist, to fight against the totalitarianism of capital, but never to return to fascism!

The Capital,  Militarism, and The Church, this triad was the pillar of 45 years of fascist dictatorship in Portugal.

These Bloody Hands avatars will be full perm and free at Berg.

Bloody Hands -The Capital, The Militarism, The Church

Sound is a very important part of this work, so please,


If possible use headphones.