Machinima, Arte e Documento

Catarina Carneiro de Sousa aka CapCat Ragu published an article about the use of machinima to document art projects:

Machinima, Arte e Documento: Machinimas como forma de documentação de projetos artísticos e processo de criação partilhada em ambientes virtuais colaborativos

This paper intends to reflect on the use of machinima as a form of documentation of artistic projects undertaken in collaborative virtual environments online. Artistic projects in user generated virtual environment have an ephemeral and volatile nature. In many of the circumstances it is not possible for the authors to archive the work in its entirety, thereby using registration forms to document their own work or that of others. The capture of moving images on the screen becomes a way of trying to register the spatiality and interactivity of these environments. However, this registration process can never be neutral and reflects the personal and creative vision of its author (whether or not the creator of the work documented). Can the creative nature of recording and editing machinima make these records a new work?

Catarina Carneiro de Sousa aka CapCat Ragu published an article about the Meta_Body project for Cultures-Kairós:

Meta_Body — um projecto artístico de construção de avatares enquanto partilha criativa


This article describes the project Meta_Body, developing in an online virtual environment, the Second Life platform, and in « real life » in several contemporary art exhibitions. Addresses two main principles in this project – the creation of virtual corporality and the shared creative process of avatar building, sharing, transformation and embodiment. Also explores the metaphorical aspects of virtual corporality and embodiment and discusses the possibility of a creative process as an aesthetic experience.

Only in portuguese.

You can find other papers about this project in english:

The Meta_Body Project

Meta_Body — A Project on Shared Avatar Creation



For the French philosopher Pierre Lévy the virtual does not oppose the real. Virtuality is not about possibility, but about potency. The possible is just like the real but without an existence. There is no realization for the virtual, only the potency of what it may become. Virtuality is in the intangible moment between what was and what will be.

Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu at Lost Town.