Meta_Body II avatars

Having the Meta_Body project avatars as a starting point, we invited everybody to submit derivative avatars for a new Delicatessen distribution.

We are overwhelmed  by the result, we received 26 amazing avatars!

22 creators, from well known metaverse artists and designers to absolute newbies, were generous enough to share their work with all of us.

Now Meilo and CapCat are rebuilding all Delicatessen sim as a homage to them and a way  to distribute these avatars.

Soon everyone can have them…

Alma Blood by Eila Magnolia.Image

Alpha.tribe avatar by alpha.tribe.Image

Amazonzia by Wanda Beamish.Image

Appointment in the garden by Simotron Aquila.Image

Aquavariel Avatar by Fitch Woodrunner.Image

Blind Train by Eupalinos Ugajin.Image

Can’t stop dancing by Cherry Ravinelli.Image

Chess by Cherry Manga.Image

Christina by CapCat Ragu.Image

Cica’s Meta_Body avatar by Cica Ghost.Image

Cosmic Radiance by Rhojen Resident.Image

Darkdoll by Meilo Minotaur.Image

Erato Fractal by Fuschia Nightfire.Image

Golden Brown by Cold Frog.Image

Gorgonia by Moki Yuitza.Image

Green Lagoon Man by Fuschia Nightfire.Image

Hands Free Av by Serenvide.Image

Metamorphosis by Piedra Lubitsch.Image

Ragdohcchio by Veleda Lorakeet.Image

Shiverdoll by Eila Magnolia.Image

Smoke by Ursula Floresby.Image

Sophia by Kikas Babenco.Image

Steam Boy by Gabriel Madruga.Image

Suppressed Red Riding Hood by Mimesis Monday.Image

Vibranced Av by Serenvide.Image

Wind Girl by Gabriel Madruga.Image

Thank you so much to all of you!


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