Delicatessen opened a new sim on Craft World.

The first project, “PainLines”, is by Paula Abreu aka White Paper.

Paula Abreu aka White Paper is a young student at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu – School of Education, completing the Arts and Multimedia Program. She begins her artistic activity in virtual worlds with PainLines, a virtual installation at Delicatessen Sim in the Craft World.

This is an environment that combines two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements and invites the visitors to go through/uncover the details that the design/reality hides about violence against women. It is in this sense that we can go around and observe the movements of each character and capture the emotions of each composition.

You can find how to start in Craft World here.

And you can register an avatar in Craft World.

On Craft please open the map, type Delicatessen on find and the numbers 171 78 486 on location, then click teleport.




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