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The Bergdorf Reports

Having an art sim I am fortunate enough to get to know the people who exhibit their work there. Everybody has a story and for a short moment we become part of each others’ stories. Some of the stories linger, or come to an end, others keep evolving. As of late, I find myself becoming a small part of a story so rich and meaningful that I want to share a part of it here. This is the story of a Portuguese family consisting of Meilo Minotaur, CapCat Ragu, Takio Ra and Rita Eustáquio. Meilo, in the middle in photo above, is the mother of CapCat, left in the photo. CapCat and Takio (right in the photo) are married and have a daughter, Rita. Rita does not yet have an avatar, and is not depicted above, but rumor has it that she is thinking about creating one soon. Meilo…

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The Swamp

The Swamp opening

The Swamp is a metaphor for fascism, from the point of view of Meilo Minotaur’s actual experience of fascism in Portugal, the Carnation Revolution, and the actual lived experience of CapCat Ragu from post-revolutionary Portugal.
At a time when the crisis is trying to push us back into obscurantism is the moment to resist, to fight against the totalitarianism of capital, but never to return to fascism!

The Capital,  Militarism, and The Church, this triad was the pillar of 45 years of fascist dictatorship in Portugal.

These Bloody Hands avatars will be full perm and free at Berg.

Bloody Hands -The Capital, The Militarism, The Church

Sound is a very important part of this work, so please,


If possible use headphones.

Goodbye Meta_Body

Delicatessen will close by the end of the month, for finally rebuilding a new project! If you still don’t have the avatars go get them!
This is the end of Meta_Body!!!
Thank so much to all the participants in this project, everybody that took pictures, machinimas, made new avatars, used the materials in installations and performances. That was always the all point of this project, and only you could give it meaning!



First set of avatars


Dear Amona

Dear Amona,

Thank you so much for the art you gave the world!

Thank you for taking the time to participate, with your your photographs, in our projects, we are honered to have you in our produsers!

We will miss you very deeply!


CapCat Ragu & Meilo Minotaur
Penumbra - child//

Penumbra - calling for mom//

Accommodating skurekallen.//

On the moor//

Resting in The Woods of Whimsy//

River Lady at The Path//