berg by nordan art: gallery changes

Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu will become resident artists at Berg by Nordan Art. We are honored ūüôā

The Bergdorf Reports


As mentioned in a blog post a few weeks ago, there will be several changes made to Berg by Nordan Art, all effective starting April. First, I am happy to officially introduce Tutsy Navarathna as my co-manager and co-curator. Tutsy has already played an integral part in the gallery for the past years and it seems only fitting that he should now take on a more visible role. Our shared goal continues to be presenting you only with outstanding virtual art; photography, installations and machinima.  Gallery M, the permanent exhibit space for the artist Mich Michabo, will remain as is. Mich has been working on a new exhibit and I anticipate we will have the opening in a few months. The format of the Berg by Nordan Art gallery in the sky remains the same; we have four photographers per year showing their work for a period of three…

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‚ÄúThe old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.‚ÄĚ This is, usually, the quote we most see attributed to Antonio Gramsci, the Italian theorist, politician, and freedom fighter.

However, this is not the true quote. In Italian, what Gramsci wrote in Quaderni del carcere (Prison Notebooks) was: ‚ÄúLa crisi consiste appunto nel fatto che il vecchio muore e il nuovo non pu√≤ nascere: in questo interregno si verificano i fenomeni morbosi pi√ļ svariati.‚ÄĚ. This would more accurately translate to: ‚ÄúCrisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born, in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.‚ÄĚ But Prison Notebooks suffered several translation mutations, such as: ‚ÄúLe vieux monde se meurt, le nouveau monde tarde √† appara√ģtre et dans ce clair-obscur surgissent les monstres.‚ÄĚ This mutation was carried over to portuguese translation: ‚ÄúO velho mundo agoniza; o novo mundo tarda a nascer, e, nesse claro-escuro, irrompem os monstros‚ÄĚ. Back to English, this would translate to ‚ÄúThe old world is dying, the new world is slow to appear and in this chiaroscuro the monsters arise.‚ÄĚ

The word ‚Äúpenumbra‚ÄĚ exists both in English and Portuguese. It means partial illumination, a chiaroscuro, the dusk. Going back to the original quote, this penumbra, this forest, is the interregno, mutated by the flux of words in translation, adding poetic resonance to Gramsci‚Äôs pragmatism.

Beware of the ‚Äúmorbid symptoms‚ÄĚ you might embody!



light-child-miniImportant Information:

You can sit on the cocoons in the forest, and they also give you most of the free avatars. Please right click the cocoon and select ‚Äúsit‚ÄĚ to pose inside, or ‚Äútouch‚ÄĚ to get the avatar.

You also need to right click and select ‚Äútouch‚ÄĚ in the first tree, to get a similar mesh avatar. In the middle of the forest, you must do the same on the caterpillars to get the caterpillar avatar. Please read and respect the license of the avatars you are given.

Criatividade e Arte em Mundos Virtuais

Criatividade e Arte em Mundos Virtuais

Os mundos virtuais s√£o um meio de crescente relev√Ęncia. Oferecem possibilidades √ļnicas para cria√ß√£o e intera√ß√£o, sendo por isso objeto de utiliza√ß√£o e investiga√ß√£o em numerosas √°reas. Este artigo estuda a pr√°tica art√≠stica em mundos virtuais. Atrav√©s da discuss√£o de projetos art√≠sticos selecionados pela sua abrang√™ncia e pertin√™ncia, s√£o definidas tipologias de arte em mundos virtuais. Estas tipologias identificam um conjunto de funcionalidades indispens√°veis √† realiza√ß√£o desses projetos, que no seu conjunto, evidenciam as tr√™s affordances fundamentais para o conceito de Ambiente Virtual Colaborativo Criativo: cria√ß√£o, colabora√ß√£o e distribui√ß√£o. Definindo as funda√ß√Ķes necess√°rias a uma plataforma criativa, aberta √† colabora√ß√£o e partilha, este estudo contribui para o futuro de mundos virtuais enquanto local para a co-cria√ß√£o de conte√ļdo e significado, por comunidades art√≠sticas e pelo p√ļblico geral.

Virtual Art Lab

The Virtual Art Lab (VAL) is is a virtual environment, a SIM, in Craft World, dedicated to the learning of Art Practice in Virtual Worlds for college students. This is a SIM Polytechnic Institute of Viseu ‚ÄĒ School of Education, and its mission is to host the Collaborative Virtual Environments Art Practice Workshop, as well as individual or group projects proposed by the students.

You can find all the information about how to get to the VAL here.


The Virtual Garden of Time



The¬†Virtual Garden of Time is a virtual island where can walk through the seasons, months and hours of the day. We can migrate with the birds, swim in rivers, wander the forests. We can choose to be Winter, Spring, Fall or Summer …
This project was designed by a teacher and students of the Art Multimedia Program of the Viseu Polytechnic Institute РSchool of Education, in a collaborative virtual environment that allows its users to create their own worlds and avatars.

This is a collaborative virtual environment, designed in the Craft World, a OpenSimulator platform that allows us to create our own worlds and avatars. The entire project and each of its parts was discussed by the group remotely, using either the Craft World or a Facebook group to exchange ideas and inspirations.

Now we ask our visitors to create new things from our creations! Maybe virtual photographs, machinima or even derived avatars from the ones we offer, open to modification, copying and sharing. This garden is just a plateau in the creative flow of the metaverse.

This will be a part of  Jardins Efémeros (JE; Ephemeral Gardens), a multidisciplinary cultural happening organized in the town of Viseu, Portugal.